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The first SCARLETT Forum has taken place last October on the 30th September and 1st October 2009, in Moscow Russia. The Forum has been organized by THALES Avionics, the SCARLETT project coordinator together with GosNIIAS, project partner.

With an attendance of around 200 experts, the Forum can be considered to have been a quite successful event which has enabled an exchange of information on IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics) concepts and approaches from both Aeronautics avionics communities from Europe and Russia.

The targeted audience has comprised seniors managers, specialised engineers as well as other technical staff working in aeronautic industry from Europe and Russia.

More than 100 industrial companies working in Avionics and IMA has attended in which around 40 were coming from Russia. The main European aircraft manufacturers as Airbus, Dassault, Alenia and SAAB have attended as well as large systems and equipment manufacturers as Thales, Sagem, GE Avionics and Diehl. From Russia, special highlight goes to the collaboration of United Aircraft Corporation, main Russian aircraft and helicopters manufacturers as Sukhoi, Tupolev, Ilyushin, Irkut, Kamov and Mil as well as equipment manufacturers and Scientific research centers – participants of Russian IMA Program, including GosNIIAS, Ramenskoye Design Bureau, Scientific Design Bureau of Computer Systems, Aeropribor-Voskhod JS, among others.

The event has been officially supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation as well as by the Union of Aviation Industry from the Russian side and by the European Commission under the scope of the 7th Framework Programme and by the SCARLETT project.

The SCARLETT first Forum was aimed at making known the new DME (Distributed Modular Electronics) approach undertaken by the project as well as the results obtained during the 1st year of the project.

The Forum programme was very much covering relevant technical topics on IMA research results presented by the SCARLETT partners as well as from the IMA Russian Programme, particularly focused on:
- The Genesis of IMA 1G;
- IMA Russian Programme & SCARLETT – Towards the next generation of IMA;
- Requirements for the next IMA platform and reconfiguration;
- Tools and processes for IMA2G;
- Optimum functions distribution on IMA components;
- IMA related standards;
- System integration technologies for IMA based solutions;
- Embedded new Cockpit functionality on future IMA platform;
- The need for interoperable IMA solutions;
among others.

A overview of the Aeronautic Research in Europe and in Russia has been given by representatives of ASD-IMG (Industrial Management Group) and by the United Aircraft Corporation, respectively.

The European Commission representatives both coming from the EC Delegation in Russia as well as from Brussels, have highlighted the main European policies for research and priorities launched in the Seventh Framework (FP7) and channels for bi-lateral collaboration between Europe and Russia within the FP7 scope.

The two days event has promoted unique opportunities for all relevant actors in Aeronautics and avionics community from more than 15 European countries to exchange knowledge and to develop future collaboration links with the Russia Aeronautics Industry.

SCARLETT is proud of having acted as the motive and driving force to enhance future collaboration in the forthcoming Research Programmes and thus enlarging and consolidating the European Aeronautics Research as one.

The Final event programme is available for download here, and the Forum Presentations are available here.


The SCARLETT project consortium is very grateful to GosNIIAS for all the support given during the organization of the Forum and for acting as the channel for collaboration between both IMA programmes.

The Forum Organization Team would also like to thank all speakers and persons involved in the organization of the event without whom it wouldn’t be possible to achieve such successful event.


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